Ready Every Second is an active lifestyle brand humbly committed to awakening a passion for greatness in every individual. Here at Ready Every Second, we recognize that there is genuine power in the present moment and we strive to instill a desire to tap into that power. We believe in training ourselves with steadfast dedication and perseverance to be ready for whatever life demands of us at any moment. By doing so, we can rise above our situation and become something greater. We hold dear in our heart the notion that the world cannot change until each of us change first. That is why our mission at Ready Every Second is simply to inspire a tribe of people to realize their full potential and become the best possible version of themselves. Our vision is to be more than just a product. We are a dynamic culture embodying a philosophy that propels individuals to achieve the highest levels of personal and professional success. We celebrate everyday seeking to show the world that in order to change our lives, we must be ready every second to meet life's opportunities and elevate ourselves to the next level.